1. Brief introduction

  As a Class-A design institute of petrochemical industry, Luoyang Ruize Petrochemical Engineering Limited Company (RPEC) was founded in April 2008. Our company has acquired three Class-A qualification certificates including chemical engineering, petroleum refinery, and petrochemical products storage & transportation. With special equipment design permits on both national level pressure pipeline of class GC and national level pressure vessel of class A1A2A3, our business covers engineering design of petrochemical units, technological development and related technical consulting.

  RPEC is a national level high-tech enterprise, who is honored as an AAA level credit unit in survey & design industry. Among the sixth batch of pilot innovative enterprises in Henan Province, RPEC is a scientific & technological enterprise of Henan, and also an advanced technology service enterprise in Luoyang. Having the enterprise technology center of provincial level and the enterprise R&D center of city level, RPEC is well equipped with chemical moving-machine engineering technology research center in both Luoyang and Henan Province. RPEC is the top-ten collective of innovators and entrepreneurs in Luoyang High-Tech Area, the top-ten efficient technology trading company by Luoyang Technology Bureau in 2012 and 2013, the outstanding private enterprise of Luoyang in 2013, the advanced spiritual civilization unit of Henan, the cultivated Little Giant enterprise of Luoyang, the advanced prospecting & designing management enterprise in 2013, one of the first batch of science and technology enterprises kept on record by Science &Technology Department of Henan Province in 2014,the outstanding engineering survey & design enterprise of Henan in 2014 and 2015, the advanced unit with an outstanding contribution to Luoyang’s economic development in 2014, the advanced organization unit of high-tech area in 2014. We have established a sound quality assurance system and have passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and GB/T24001-2004 environmental management system certification.
  Currently RPEC owns independent buildings offering an office area of nearly fifty thousand square meters. There are some professional work groups among us, such as process & system (including technology, thermal engineering, storage & transportation, extinguishing & protection, etc.), general layout, piping, pressure vessel, automatic control, electricity (communications included), civil engineering (structure, architecture, procurement included), budget estimation, and so on. Our company is equipped with various intelligent and automatic office systems, office software and design software, so that we can meet the demand of modern office work and intelligent design.
2. Research & Development
  In accordance with the domestic and the foreign markets demanding, and the customers’ requirements, our R & D teams have been staying on the cutting edge of advanced petrochemical technologies, keeping on researching new technologies and process. So we’ve got 15 invention patents, 42 utility model patents and 2 computer software copyrights. Moreover, 20 invention patents and 4 utility model patents have received notifications of acceptance. RPEC has a number of technical secrets and proprietary technologies in the petrochemical industry, which have been applied to engineering projects successfully and have brought remarkable economic benefits. Both Continuous Regeneration Process of Mixed C4 Hydrogen Catalyst and Whole Set of Equipment Technology for Isobutane Dehydrogenation won the Innovation Fund of Luoyang Hi-Tech Area. The project named Chemical Engineering Design and Technical Service Platform Construction was approved by Special Fund Platform For Small & Medium Enterprises Development and got gratis financial aid in 2014. It also got financial aid from Public Service Platform of Advanced Manufacturers and Luoyang Science & Technology Major Project Foundation in 2015.
The project Aromatization Catalyst Continuous Regeneration of New Technology and Equipment won the first prize of Luoyang Scientific and Technological Progress, the second prize of Henan Industry & Information Technology Achievements, and the third prize of Henan Scientific & Technological Progress. Our QC projects have gained the Excellent QC Team Award of Henan Engineering Construction (Survey & Design) for many times. Our petrochemical and process R&D team was awarded Innovative Technology Team of Luoyang in 2013. There were 10 people honored as the eighth batch of outstanding experts of Luoyang, among which three persons were from RPEC.

  In recent years, about 20 new products, technology, process R&D projects have been approved and done successfully. They’ve been applied to domestic large petrochemical refinery projects, and have brought huge economic benefits. In the overseas markets, RPEC has signed Overseas Project Cooperation and Strategic Agreement with German South Chemical Industry Company, America GTC Corporation, India IW Group, and Thailand MSS Group internationally; In the domestic market, RPEC has signed Project Cooperation Agreement or Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Petrochemical Petroleum Institute, Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS), Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics (LICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China University of Petroleum (East China and Beijing), Chinese Chemical Industry Corporation, and China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group. There are active technology cooperations and transformations between RPEC and them.

3. Business Field
  Our business field mainly covers engineering design, engineering consulting, EPC contracting, project management services, engineering procurement services and so on. Business-related scientific research & development includes processes, engineering and petrochemical equipment technologies. While EPC contracting achieves a whole project construction, with engineering design, procurement, construction, examination & acceptance as a whole, organic and reasonably crossed whole. Taking purchase into design, and taking design into EPC, it saves the owner’s investment and shortens the construction period. Under a matrix management system, the project manager is totally responsible for an EPC project. Thus the quality, the progress and the cost can be controlled efficiently.
4. Competitive advantage
A. Talents advantage

  More than 300 engineers and technicians are working for RPEC at present, among which 275 people are bachelors or masters. Medium and senior engineers take up over 40% of our staff, in which there are 15 Registered Chemical Engineers, 2 Class 1 Registered Architects, 6 Class A Registered Structural Engineers, 8 Class B Registered Structural Engineers, 2 Constructors, 3 Associate Constructors, 3 Registered Cost Engineers, 3 Registered Public Equipment Engineers, 4 Registered Electrical Engineers, 8 Registered Consulting Engineers, 9 Pressure Vessel Reviewers and 25 Pressure Piping Reviewers. The elite engineers are mainly from the domestic large petrochemical engineering companies and large petrochemical production enterprises, with decades of experience and technical background in petrochemical engineering project management, technical management, large equipment design. So they’ve accumulated rich experiences of petrochemical engineering and excellent ability of designing large-scale petrochemical and overseas projects. In addition, 15 senior experts of different majors are with us.
B. Technical advantage
  There are five basic techniques applicable to the domestic petrochemical industry, such as atmospheric and vacuum distillation, hydrogenation, fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), reforming and delayed coking, in which FCC is internationally advanced and others approaches the international level. Our Continuous Pellet Catalyst Regeneration Complete Technology of independent intellectual property rights broke the foreign monopoly of reforming, greatly improving the domestic reforming technology. Continuous Aromatization and Dehydrogenation of Isobutane were both developed on this foundation.
  Our overall technology is in a leading position in China, and is competitive with the similar technology of international well-known enterprises. RPEC utilizes the advanced process equipments and device-related technology to greatly improve the processing ability of refinery enterprises, to save investment, to increases the annual handling capacity, to reduce the pollution and to increase the profits. That has brought good economic and social benefits. Accompanied by promotion of the new technology and new process, improvement, construction and growing investment of the equipment are pushing development of the petrochemical equipment manufacturers.
  RPEC put forward its values of sincerity-oriented, serve for client’s benefit. And our quality policy is to develop ourselves by service and innovation, to satisfy the customers as the target. We’re greeting our customers with warm services and high quality products. We adhere to the engineering design concept of “Leading technology, excellent quality and perfect services”, dedicating ourselves to providing construction companies with quality engineering and technical services.
5. Achievements
  In recent years, nearly 300 completed and ongoing petrochemical engineering projects are designed by RPEC, including over more than 100 refinery and chemical enterprises such as PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinopec, China National Chemical Corporation and local refineries, etc.

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